About Us

It is a long established fact that regular training makes the mind active.

Our Story

Welcome to YourTradeMentor, your number one source for obtaining forex mentorship and training from one of the best in the business. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of forex education, training and mentorship.

Forex trading can be very rewarding if you are trained and mentored by the right people. But it can also be very unproductive and frustrating if you are a lone ranger or you have no one to walk you through the elements that guarantee success in trading.

Founded by Dare Ijagbemi, YourTradeMentor was an answer to the call of many frustrated traders who were getting nowhere in their trading. The answer was simple: get these traders connected to someone who has had consistent success in forex trading for close to 18 years with tangible proofs to show. Dare Ijagbemi has been trading and profiting from forex consistently for 18 years and counting. He has been one of the best forex coaches on YouTube. His channel has garnered over 38,000 subscribers and his videos has been watched more than 2.5 million times. He has dedicated the last few years to ensuring that he help new Forex trader learn the ropes and avoid the usual pitfalls that other before them have fallen into.

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has wiped out hundreds of millions of jobs worldwide, the only viable places to make money are from ventures like forex trading. In fact, the opportunities to make money trading forex just got better. But if the blind lead the blind, they all fall into the ditch.

That is why a successful forex trader like Dare Ijagbemi has stepped into the fray to shine the light into the darkness of every unsuccessful forex trader. By launching YourTradeMentor, Dare now offers first-class forex education, training and mentorship, with emphasis on “mentorship”. Institutional traders succeed because of the mentorship that veteran traders provide to the junior traders. This lack of mentors for retail forex traders who mostly go solo, is the reason behind the poor performances of most of these traders. With YourTradeMentor, this factor has now been taken care of.

Getting Started

Kick off this Forex trading course by learning the basics. Our experts will tell you all about the impact of the Forex market on the world-stage, teach you all the key terms you`ll need and walk you through creating your very own trading account.

Here’s What You Get With YourTradeMentor’s Program

  • One-On-One, Personal Coaching with Me

This is the Mentorship Program where you and I will review your journey. We will go through the origins of your trading journey, where you are now and where you want to get to. I will then take you by the hand and create a bespoke training and mentorship program tailored for you specifically. A one-size-fits-all approach does not work here.

  • Accountability

Mentorship means that I will oversee your trading plan, your actual trades and your trade history. Being accountable to a mentor ensures that mentees do not step out of the boundaries we shall create. This will help you cut out the basic mistakes retail forex traders make. Best of all? You have a listening ear to talk to when you need help. You are not alone.

You will find that this personal relationship between you and I, your mentor, is all you need to turn the corner and master a lifelong skill that can provide the finances required to change your world.

YourTradeMentor serves clients from all over the world without discrimination. Dare’s passion is to raise a team of profitable traders who can remain consistently profitable. With YourTradeMentor, this passion has to brought to life.

Join us on this flight together and we shall all arrive at the desired destination. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to us.



Dare Ijagbemi